A robust bag that can be used on its own or attached to the cross pro.

Dock flash lemon

The Dock is a robust and comfortable equipment storage & transport bag designed with a clever system which allows the user to adapt it to the volume required. This is achieved by rolling the top of the bag and then closing the buckle, or the other way around to allow quick access to the inside of the bag. It comes in three exciting colour combinations.

Dock flash lemon

KEY FEATURES • Pack size: 60L • Weight: 1.6kg • Dimensions: 82x32x25cm • High-resistance fabric 1680 D • Heavy duty YKK zip closure & rolling top with buckle • Bags from the Cross range can be attached to the front of the shoulder straps using special buckles INTERIOR • 1 large main storage space • Stiffened back and 2 stiff straps to keep it standing up • 3 karabiner attachment points • 1 small semi-transparent document pocket EXTERIOR • 10 karabiner attachment points • 2 equipment loops • 2 foldable pockets with elastic straps for water bottles or other items • 1 semi-transparent pocket for identification • Various carrying handles • Ventilation point

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