Courant mmG00UEC040
Semi-static ropes

Ultima 10.5mm

ref: mmG00UEC040

Ultimate safety.

Ultima 10.5 mm - Blanc - 40 m - Sans terminaison

The Ultima contains our patented Meetic technology which fuses the core and sheath together without glue, therefore the user can still descend safely even if the rope is partially cut. X-Braid technology maintains the ropes longterm flexibility. A recent update has improved the stretch of the rope and added a highly visible sheath.

Ultima 10.5 mm - Blanc - 40 m - Sans terminaison

• Materials / construction: 32-strand Polyamide sheath with X-Braid Polyamide core • Static resistance: 30kN • Resistance with stitched eye: 22kN • Resistance with figure of 8 knot: 19.5kN • Mass per meter: 68gram • Sheath percentage: 47% • Sheath slippage: 0% • Elongation 50/150Kg: 3% • Knotability: 0.6 • Retraction with water: 2.2% • Maximum lifespan: 10 years under normal working conditions

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TDS-COURANT-ROPE ULTIMA-10.5 MM 10/02/2022 1.16 Mo - PDF

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